Tackling the Age-Old Question: Hardwood or Carpet?

Tackling the Age-Old Question: Hardwood or Carpet?

This week we explore a highly-contested topic: should you install hardwood floors or go with carpet? Both have pros, both have cons. We created a simple flowchart to help you make the big decision.


Of course, the type of room you’re working with matters a lot. Bedrooms and living rooms are most relevant in this debate, while kitchens and bathrooms should always be either tile or hardwood.

Here’s some more specific pricing and durability information:

  • Hardwood floors typically cost $6-$12 per square foot to install
  • Carpet ranges from $2-$4 per square foot
  • Both types of flooring need attention every 10 years: carpets should be completely replaced, and hardwood should be refinished
  • It costs around $3.50 per square foot to refinish a hardwood floor