Picking the Perfect Picture Frame

Picking the Perfect Picture Frame

Hanging artwork lets you decorate the top half of your room — the part that can’t be done with furniture or rugs. The nicest rooms are the ones tied together with beautiful artwork.

One of the most challenging parts of hanging paintings or posters is deciding how to frame them. We’re here to walk you through the five decision points.

Just remember this:

The purpose of a frame is to enhance the picture, not take away from it. Use the art itself as inspiration when picking the frame. This means you should draw upon its colors, style, and texture to find a frame that matches.

  1. Frame? 
    The first question is if you even need to frame your painting.
  2. Material? 
    If you ended up on “don’t frame it”, then we’ll see you next week. For everyone else, let’s decide which material to use. Metal or wood?
  3. Thickness? 
    The next big question is how thick should the frame be? A few millimeters or a couple of inches?
  4. Mat?
    Now we ask if we should include a mat — the part between the picture itself and the frame.
  5. Glass? 
    Finally, should you cover your art in glass or leave it exposed?