Shopping by Style: Mid-Century Modern, Industrial, and Bohemian

Shopping by Style: Mid-Century Modern, Industrial, and Bohemian

Design trends are always changing: styles come and styles go. Today we’re going in-depth into three popular styles so you can recognize and then incorporate them into your home.

We want to introduce you to a few awesome furniture companies that break their pieces down by style. Pick the look you’re going for, and they’ll show you what you need to create it.

  1. Dot and Bo: Large variety of furniture and accessories, frequently-updated style collections (requires a quick signup, but totally worth it!)
  2. All Modern: Curated modern furniture, with in-depth explanations about styles and trends
  3. Froy: Furniture collections focused around the latest styles
  4. Horchow: Luxury furniture from top designers
  5. Chairish: Furniture broken down into over 70 styles

Look at any style guide from this season and the three styles you’ll see repeatedly this season are Mid-Century Modern, Industrial, and Bohemian.

So what exactly is mid-century modern design?

The mid-1900s saw an abundance of refined, clean, and beautiful furniture that is still in high demand today. Thus, mid-century modern design is all about bringing these classic pieces back with a newer look.

Most mid-century modern furniture is made of wood like teak or oak, and is frequently paired with abstract or geometric patterns.

Bright colors are growing in popularity, and we encourage adding pops of color to rooms with mostly mid-century furniture. Be careful not to go full-on mid-century though — don’t forget to add some modern aspects to your room to balance it out. Dot and Bo has a great collection of vibrant decor for your mid-century modern room.

Here’s a bonus guide from Froy that goes more in-depth.

How can I incorporate industrial design into my home but keep it cozy?

Industrial design is all about using raw materials like brick, concrete, and metal. A couple easy ways to accomplish this are exposing a brick wall or adding salvaged pieces of furniture to your room, like metal stools or unfinished wood tables.

Most examples of industrial design go all out, but we realize that’s not for everyone. A fun way to go about incorporating it is finding an antique or vintage furniture piece that you absolutely love and building the rest of your room around it. You can redo your bathroom with a large vintage basin sink but surround it with modern tiles and accessories. Start with one focus piece, and do the rest of the room from there.

How can I pull off a Bohemian look in my home?

The Bohemian style is all about expressing yourself and your adventurous side. Everyone has one, you just have to figure out how you want to express it. You could add colorful rugs or lamps you picked up on a trip to Bali or Morocco, or you can find some tapestries, bedding, pillows, or curtains that speak to you at a local farmers’ market.

Most Bohemian decor is made of natural materials like wicker, wood, recycled cotton, or animal hide. It often layers fabrics and creates a warm, comfortable feeling.

This guide from Homedit gives more details and has lots of pictures.

Our app update in June will include info about tons of styles and the colors, materials, and furniture that you should use with them. 

P.S. Nautical, Rustic/Farmhouse, Scandinavian, and Shabby Chic are also in right now!