Steps to a Shabby Chic Home

Steps to a Shabby Chic Home

It’s Shabby Chic Week! So what actually is shabby chic decor? Here’s a run-down:

Look and feel: Combines vintage with luxury to create a soft, relaxed, cottage-like feel

Shabby chic living room upholstered furniture chandelier and floral patterns Shabby chic bedroom furniture curtains overstuffed bedspread

Furniture style: Antique or built to look antique. Often painted but show some wear-and-tear. Have refined details and appliques of garlands or flowers.

Shabby chic dresser dark wood with distressed blue and white paintShabby chic vintage antique desk with distressed white paint, wooden appliques and embellishments

Common furniture items: Puffy duvets, overstuffed pillows, ornate chandeliers, flower vases, curtains made from vintage fabric

Shabby chic couch with lots of pillows neutral colors coffee table with flowers Shabby chic flower bouquet - light pink roses in vintage painted blue and gold vase, muted pastel scene

Colors: White, ivory, pastels, bronze, silver

Shabby chic color scheme, white gray ivory tan beige Shabby chic color scheme, light pastels, purple pink blue lavender green yellow

Materials: Wood, cotton, linen, glass beads, flowers

Shabby chic chandelier - white painted with candles and glass beads, ornate and elegant, sold on Shabby chic curtains from Curtains Market - beige light tan cream

Patterns: Floral (flowers or branches), birds, sketches

Shabby chic vintage floral flower pattern wallpaper pink cream Shabby chic vintage pattern - damask wallpaper white tan cream ivory floral

Ok, now you have a pretty good idea of what the style’s all about. Let’s talk about how it helps you — here’s how you can spend this weekend shabby-chic-ifying your home:

1. Wallpaper

Instagram Shabby Chic Week - Wallpaper with flowers, tree branches, birds, sketches, tea kettles, all in muted and pastel colors

Wallpaper is a key component in shabby chic design. Don’t cover all four walls with floor-to-ceiling wallpaper unless it’s a small room like a bathroom or closet. We recommend covering only your feature wall with wallpaper, or installing white-painted paneling on the bottom half of the walls and wallpapering the top. These wallpapers show how flowers, birds, and sketches are depicted in a shabby chic style.

Buy these wallpapers and others from The Shabby Chic Guru.

2. Chandeliers

Instagram Shabby Chic Week - Elaborate Chandeliers with glass beads

The best rooms have furniture and fixtures at varying heights in the room — drawing the eye upward makes the room more interesting. However, most people spend most of their time decorating the bottom half of their room and neglect the top half. Chandeliers are the best way to tie a room together. Shabby chic chandeliers are complicatedly beautiful: sparkling glass beads are strung between curved metal arms, and more glass beads hang beneath. Many chandeliers in this style have lightbulbs atop candles, a vintage flashback.

You can buy one of these gorgeous chandeliers from Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture.

3. Picture Frames

Instagram Shabby Chic Week - Painted pink vintage picture frames for photos or mirrors

Mirrors with frames like this are the epitome of shabby chic. These frames are beautifully carved with elaborate details. The matte light pink paint makes them look new and cute, but the distressed curves and edges keep the shabby in shabby chic.

Buy frames like this from MountainCoveAntiques on Etsy.

4. Upholstered Furniture

Instagram Shabby Chic Week - Coffee table before and after

Linens play an important part in shabby chic design, so it’s no surprise that upholstered furniture is a characteristic of the style. The following before/after is more chic than shabby, but it shows how switching up one piece of furniture can make a huge difference in a room. The white-painted legs and light green pattern on the fabric are cottage-inspired and quasi-shabby chic.

See exactly how Meredith transformed her coffee table in her blog, Not So Newlywed McGees.

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