Best of Pinterest: DIY Ideas for your Memorial Day BBQ

Let’s throw the best Memorial Day BBQ ever.

We scoured Pinterest to find you the best DIY ideas, so you can throw a party your friends won’t forget and start the summer with a bang!


Decorating your serving table is a fun way to spice up the party. This idea is perfect for summer: Stack pineapples to make a palm tree, and surround it with fruit!

DIY Party food table pineapple palm tree with fruit

If it starts getting a little chilly at night and you don’t have a fire pit, make personal campfires in flower pots:

DIY party food table backyard decorating idea - flower pot campfire for marshmallow smores

Don’t serve silverware the standard way:

Pinterest DIY party food idea - silverware in flower pots

Here’s a fun treat the kids will love — stick popsicle sticks in watermelon slices:

DIY Pinterest party food idea watermelon slices on sticks


Instead of ice, use water balloons to chill beverages:

Pinterest DIY party drinks idea - chill beverages with water balloons

Serve a unique lemonade:

Pinterest DIY party drink ideas - lemonade recipes for summer with fruit

Make yourself a drink fountain by stacking a few kiddie pools. Fill them with ice and water and let it spill over:
Pinterest DIY party drink idea - kiddy pool fountain for beverages with ice



Add some red, white, and blue decor by spray-painting stars onto your lawn:

Pinterest DIY backyard decorating idea - spray paint red white and blue stars in grass

Help your guests avoid sunburns and bug bites by hanging a basket like this in your yard:

Pinterest DIY party idea basket with sunscreen and bug spray in backyard grass


Hang bell jars with candles in them from the fence around your yard:

Pinterest DIY party lights idea candles in bell jars hanging from fence

Buy some LED lights you can control with your phone, and maybe sync them up to the music:

Pinterest DIY backyard party ideas - LED-controlled lights Playbulb

Integrate your lighting decor into the summertime — mix some candles into your flowerpots:

Pinterest DIY backyard party lighting ideas - candle in flower pot


Make your own life-sized version of tic-tac-toe with some stones, tape, and plywood:

Pinterest DIY backyard party game ideas - tic tac toe from rocks tape and wood

Play Yahtzee with make-your-own dice as big as your hands:

Pinterest DIY backyard party game ideas - Lifesize Yahtzee with wooden blocks

General Tips

Here are a few other tips to help you plan your party down to the tee. Everything you need for a BBQ:

Pinterest DIY backyard party idea tips - Essential barbecue checklist

Here’s how to figure out how much of everything to serve:

Pinterest DIY backyard party idea tips - How much to serve at a party infographic guide

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