Decorating Outside the Box

Decorating Outside the Box

There’s an ice cream shop in my neighborhood that serves flavors like olive and goat cheese, smoked bone broth, and avocado and strawberry. Unusual, right? Except this place is the most popular one around. I’ve never seen it without a line out the door.

Artisanal ice cream in waffle cone
The fact that these aren’t the world’s most popular ice cream flavors hasn’t stopped them from making them anyway.

The same should be true when it comes to decorating your home. Just because most people do it one way doesn’t mean you can’t do it another way.

When you step outside the “rules” to make something amazing, no one will care that every pillow on your couch has a different floral print. If it’s fabulous, it’s fabulous.

Jones Design Company - Pillows covering sofa
(Fabulous might be a stretch in this particular case)

Here are some ways you can step outside the norm.

1. Mix those patterns.

If you love both of them, then find a way to incorporate both of them! There’s an idea that a room should include a big pattern, a medium pattern, and a small pattern. That’s not *bad* advice, but it’s also not an end-all solution. Follow your instinct, and use as many patterns as you want.

Living room with lots of patterns Living room with lots of patterns
A couple quick tips so you don’t end up with a garish nightmare:

  • Go wild on either the patterns or the color scheme, but not both
  • Spread the patterns around the room. Start with the couch or the bed, then don’t forget about curtains, rugs, table coverings, accessories…

BHG bedroom with patterned wallpaper and bedspread pattern Living room with lots of patterns

2. There’s nothing wrong with going completely neutral.

Some design sites say every room needs at least one color. But we’ve all seen those Scandinavian Instagram photos that look like white squares at first glance…and close up they look amazing.

Modern kitchen with neutral colors Elle Decor - neutral white bright living room
The way you pull this off is by using textures, patterns, and shapes to make the room interesting, instead of color. It’s all about layers.

Neutral bedroom Neutral tan dining room

3. Gold and silver can be friends.

For some reason, everyone seems to think you can only use one or the other. But they’re both shiny, and they actually complement each other.

Gold silver tile bathroom Neutral living room with gold and silver mirrors
Mix up the silver and gold picture frames. Hang a silver chandelier over the gold vase on your dining room table. Use silver accents in your warm yellow living room. And don’t forget, rose gold is a thing too 😉

Gold silver living room - modern, rose gold Gold silver living room

4. Your dining room chairs don’t have to match.

In fact, they often don’t in the most beautiful rooms I’ve seen. Yes, dining room sets are sold together. However, chairs are also sold individually.

Instagram @studiomcgee dining room with big chairs Dining room with wingback chairs
A formal dining room might have big armchairs at both ends of the table. A casual kitchen nook might have a bench and two funky chairs. A cottage chic home might have four chairs made of the same wood in different styles.

Dining room with mismatched wood vintage chairs Dining room with mismatched chairs light dark wood modern

Have you been wanting to do something bold but something’s holding you back? Perhaps you’re not sure if it’ll end up looking as great as your imagination?

Decorator can help you visualize your room before you paint that wall or buy that crazy chandelier. Give it a virtual shot before you do the real thing 🙂