6 Easy Ways to Transform Your Room

6 Easy Ways to Transform Your Room

It’s no secret that you can instantly revitalize your home with paint. Not only is paint low-cost and easy to implement, but it also provides you an opportunity to great creative!

We picked six rooms that use bold shapes, patterns, and techniques to showcase the power of paint. See how these simple DIY ideas upgrade rooms!

1. Create a pattern. Convey your unique style by recreating a pattern you love.

Paint black white diy pattern stripes entry table wall


2. Create geometric shapes. These simple shapes add personality and create the feeling of youth and exploration. Create your own whimsical background!

playroom paint shapes teepee stripes rug storage gray blue kids room


3. Emphasize unique spaces. Instead of trying to hide a small, awkward space, this homeowner highlighted it with paint! This chalkboard paint created an ingenious, playful corner. You can save space (and money) by drawing a headboard on the wall, and the result is enchanting.

chalkboard wall headboard bedroom masculine black wall diy


4. Revitalize built-in cabinetry. Don’t be afraid to put paint where it doesn’t normally go. This homeowner used neon paint to turn shelves into a focal point.

neon shelves paint colorful living room bright


5. Paint your floors. Revive wood flooring with paint! This homeowner left fear behind and created a bright pattern in her country kitchen.

painted floors yellow blue kitchen beams diy white


6. Create high contrast. Use high contrast colors to create a statement. This bold, unexpected red ceiling highlights the home’s architecture.

red ceiling blue doors high contrast architecture

Now it’s your turn! Incorporate these ideas into your designs…both in Decorator and in real life. Get creative with our paint and sketch tools and show us your boldest, brightest rooms on Instagram @decoratorapp