Create the Gallery Wall of Your Dreams

Create the Gallery Wall of Your Dreams

A gallery wall is a fun and creative way to display important moments and artifacts from your life. We’ve put together images and tips to help guide you in creating your own!


Advice for a Gallery Wall

1. Use mixed media. Use a mix of photography, prints, and drawings to convey your aesthetic. Think of a theme, like vacations or family, and start gathering items to tell your story.

gallery wall green sofa mixed media pink chairs art wall   plant gallery wall leaves wood hanging mirror art


2. Choose a color palette. We love gallery walls that stick to a color scheme and feel cohesive. Choose a monochromatic scheme or go for a multicolor palette that will make your wall pop.

black and white gallery wall soothing living room art    emily henderson gallery wall pastel photo art


3. Vary frame size and material. Use a variety of frame sizes, textures, and styles. Choose two to three frame types so there is a common element amongst the frames.

unique gallery wall black white shelves frames art   gold staircase gallery wall art paint frame


4. Add accessories. Just because it’s an art wall doesn’t mean you need to stick to traditional art. Try adding wall accessories, like mirrors, bold letters, clocks, and geometric shapes.

accessories fixer upper gallery art wall living room   accessories gallery art wall pastel sideboard


5. Plan before framing. Gallery walls come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and sometimes that can feel daunting. Upload your room into the Decorator app and play around with frames until you find the right combination. See how our community has used the Decorator app to plan below:

Idea_2   Idea_1


Now that you have some tips, we can’t wait to see the awesome gallery walls you’ll make!

If you haven’t downloaded Decorator yet, you can download from the App Store here.