Budget-Friendly Farmhouse Accessories

Budget-Friendly Farmhouse Accessories

Charming farmhouse kitchens fill our Pinterest boards, and are surprisingly easy to recreate on a budget! The style is all about whimsical accessories and vintage finds: No renovation required.

We outlined four must-have accessories for your farmhouse kitchen and selected affordable, Pinterest-worthy products you’ll love.

1. Canisters

Canisters on a kitchen counter are both useful and charming, and a staple of farmhouse decor. Incorporate canisters with chalkboard labels to add a rustic touch.

rustic-style-kitchen-coffee-bar-chalkboard-open-cupboardchalkboard, farmhouse, canister, kitchen
To create this look, find the the Dupree 3 Piece Kitchen Canister Set from Wayfair:

2. Charming Signs

Handwritten signs add whimsy and a cozy feel to farmhouse kitchens. We love phrases that emphasize the kitchen as the heart of the home.


Want a quick DIY project? We like Wayfair’s Gather Wood Sign. Paint it any color and add warmth to your kitchen!

3. Wall-Hanging Storage

Farmhouse decor is all about DIY and repurposing vintage finds, and a great way to incorporate this is with functional hanging wall storage.

farmhouse+kitchen storage wood diywhite farmhouse kitchen storage

To recreate this hanging look, try the Kindred 4 Bottle Mounted Wine Rack:

wine, wood, storage, glasses, farmhousewine, wood, storage, glasses, farmhouse

4. Farmhouse Animal Art

Incorporate animal prints or photography into your kitchen to add a playful element. Look for bold, graphic prints that make a statement.

farmhouseanimalprints farmhouse kitchen table

If you are going bold and cute, we adore the ‘Cow, Pig, and Rooster’ framed graphic print from Wayfair:

animal print farmhouse kitchen art

P.S. You can find all these products in Decorator too! The app would let you preview them in your own kitchen, so you can see if you really like them before buying.

If you haven’t downloaded Decorator yet, you can download from the App Store here.